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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A not-so-great summer

Yesterday my mom left me a note to say she would be home very late.  That evening I was sitting at home on the porch trying to stay cool since the a/c  is broken.  I hear this party going on down the block with a lot of whooping and yelling. You know, a real drunken kind of bash.  I thought I'd just go over there and crash, but I was about to step into the yard where a lot of people were dancing when I heard my mom's voice.  She was one of them - the drunks, that is.

I backed out of there and went home, but I started worrying, you know?  I couldn't sleep because she was over there drinking and sometimes she gets herself into trouble.  I think it was about 3 in the morning when she came in, but what a mess she was.  She'd already gotten sick at least once, I knew by the smell when she grabbed me around the neck and asked me to get her to bed.  It took quite a while to get her cleaned up - twice of course, because she puked again 10 minutes after she got in.  I guess I'm just glad she came home this time.

My summer isn't working out so well.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes we have to raise our own parents.