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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dropping Out

I got a job last week and started working a couple of days ago.  I'm scooping ice cream and, so far, it's okay.  I started thinking about the money I'll be getting at the end of next week.  I can get some new clothes, which is good because my shoes are about to come apart and my jeans are too short.  My mother wants me to help out with groceries and stuff like that. We never have enough to pay all the bills, and I don't want to have to move again.

It seems to me like there's not much reason for me to go back to school in the fall.  Even though I'm only getting a little more than minimum wage, the owner says if I stay with it, I'll get a raise in six months.  If I can keep that up, I'll make as much as my mother in a couple of years.  My mom never gets much chance for a raise, because she keeps getting laid off from jobs, but still she has a high school diploma.

The main reason to finish high school is so you can go on to college, right?  As I've been told many times, my mother won't have the money to help me with that, so I think it's a lost cause for me.  My aunt keeps telling me I can get the scholarship money, but I'd have to keep living at home and I just don't want to.  I don't think I'd be good at college anyway - it's just more years in a classroom listening to a lot of junk nobody cares about.  I'd rather be earning some money so I can get a car.

Anyway, I don't think my mother cares if I finish.  Probably nobody will even notice if I quit, but I'm going to wait to see how the job thing works out. There's still a couple of months to decide.

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Anonymous said...

Carly, you have to listen to your aunt!! I had an aunt just like yours. You'll make it in college and be in a better place to deal with your mother!