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Amy Winehouse Rocks!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's dangerous out there

School started last week, so I'm back to getting up early and having something to do.  It's not so bad.  After I lost my job, things got pretty boring at home.  I'm back with some friends everyday, and that's good. Or it was. Now I'm worried.

Last night a bunch of us got some beer and headed out to the lake.  It's still light until eight o'clock at least, and we stayed on until about eleven. Everything went okay until about nine-thirty when these guys in a boat came up to us asking all the girls to get on the boat.  My friend Kristie is a little man-crazy, so she went with them, even though everybody knows it's dumb to go off with strangers.  We told her not to, but she got pretty mad at us and went anyway and told us to go on home.  The guys - I guess they were college boys - said they'd get her home.  We waited anyway for an hour and a half, then went home. 
Kristie wasn't in homeroom this morning, so I called her cell.  Her mother answered it and said Kristie was sick.  She told me not to call again, like it was my fault or something.  Not good.  You gotta be careful out there.

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