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Amy Winehouse Rocks!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Lucky Girl

My mother went to a pary last night, so I went out with some friends too.  We just rode over to this fancy subdivision on the lake and went down to their docks.  No big deal, we just sat on somebody's pontoon and turned on the radio.  It was really nice and warm this time of year.  A couple of the kids were making out, but most of us were just chilling. I guess we played the music too loud though. This old guy came down there yelling at us to get off their property.  I don't know why people have to be so selfish about there stuff. We weren't hurting anything, and it isn't like any of us have a place to go to like that.  None of us get to go out on the lake or anything. Nobody has a boat.  I think the rich people should remember that and be a little bit more generous.  It would be smarter to just be nice and ask us to leave, because a couple of the guys are planning to go back. I don't think the boats will be so nice after that.

Anyway, they ran us off, and who cares anyway?  But then this guy's car had a flat on the way home and he didn't have a spare.  My mom wasn't home and neither were a couple of other people's parents.  One guy said his dad wasn't coming out in the middle of the night to get us and we should all just walk home.  So we did.  I got home after my mother, but she never even knew the difference. I'm pretty lucky, don't you think?

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