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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Arrested for no reason

I got arrested last night. Well, not arrested, really, just grabbed up with a bunch of others until my mother came to get me. I was just trying to help somebody, but the cops didn't care, they just shoved me in the back of a car and hauled me away.

Here's what happened. I snuck out of the house after my mother went to bed. She came in about eight and went right to her room. She was snoring by eight-thirty, which was optimal for me as my buds picked me up at nine. We went to this cool flash-mob everybody's cells buzzed about all day at school. At least four or five people had their phones confiscated by a teacher.

So we got to Greenville and it was waycool for a couple of hours. Thousands of kids just having a good time running around, meeting new people, dancing. There were people playing music every few feet - a little pot. For a couple of ours it reminded me of those old hippie love-in's your grandma talks about. The cops were a little pissy, but hey, what could they do? We weren't bothering anyone. By around eleven, though, I guess some guys had too much to drink or smoke or something, and they started a fight. Pretty soon a lot of guys were brawling. Most of us just watched, but when this cop elbowed a kid who was just trying to geta way from some neanderthal, I got between the kid and the cop. Suddenly, I was being dragged off and taken to jail.

I was lucky, though, because they didn't keep us long. I think it was too much hassle for them to mess with kids from another town. My mom didn't speak to me all the way home, but I can't blame her too much. It was three in the morning when we got back. I didn't sleep, but I'm still jazzed about the whole thing, so I came to school anyway.

Getting arrested wasn't so bad. It was better than sitting at home by myself and listening to my mom snore and the neighbors fight. If I had a cell, I think I'd start the flash and see if I could get another mob set up!

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